Explode Your Bank Account Using My 2 Steps Funnel Formula.

We fix it all for you to lead your customer down a defined path to increase your Revenue by 10X.

DID YOU KNOW! Only 2% of customers convert when they first land on your website.

The remaining 98% need to be nurtured through a sales funnel – a series of pages used to steer prospects on the path towards your conversion goal.

Each step in this path has a risk of customer drop-off. Being able to identify and plug leaks in this process is critical for your bottom line.

I plug leaks for your sales funnel to lead your customer down a defined path to a higher close ratio.

Hey, I'm Neeraj.

I learnt from the top players in market and searching for 3 lucky people who want to get their copy & funnels right and 10X their revenue in April 2021.

In collaboration with Kabir Nayak

who has generated...

More Than $1.33 Crores In Sales In 16 Different Niches… Out Of ‘Thin Air’…

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  • Are you a coach, consultant or do you sell a service of any kind...and want to wake up every morning to an inbox bursting with ‘itchy-to-buy’ leads?
  • Are you a salesman who needs more leads?
  • Do you have anything you'd like to sell? Products? Yourself?!
  • Are you an agency owner, business coach or marketing consultant who likes to keep up with hottest new ‘ahead of the curve’ strategies so you can better serve your clients?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you should try out our “10X Revenue Funnel System” for your own business. 

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Here is the overview of our "10X Revenue Funnel System".

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I was doing good with branding business, but was missing a lot at the same time. No doubt I'm expert in what I do, but I had no clue about copywriting and sales funnel, and never thought they could shoot up my revenue by 10X. Thanks to Neeraj and his team, who observed and reach out to me. He helped me to achieve the next level  🚀 by providing his valuable services.  ✅

Jeet Shah

Instagram Branding Expert

I'm really proud to have a mentee like Neeraj. He learned relentlessly and dadicated himself to  copywriting. I helped him in getting his 1st project and I'm glad to say that I did'n make any mistake. He is creating "Godfather" copies. I'm personally using Headline written by Neeraj on my own landing page. 😊

Kabir Nayak

Life Coach & Entrepreneur

I charge on the basis of results, because I'm 100% sure I'll produce massive results.

"Not happy with results, 100% money back guarantee."

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